TEXACO Lubricants

Chevron has inherited the innovation concerning the development of lubricant products in the field of transport. A wide range of Texaco products with the Havoline and Delo lubricants being the leaders is offered all across Europe.

TEXACO, the products of which we import and distribute in the Greek market, provides a huge variety of specialized products for agricultural and construction machinery, industrial purposes, marine equipment, gas engines-HDAX.

Havoline engine lubricants ensure excellent performance and protection.


The leading Delo lubricants have counted many hours of diesel engine equipment protection so that the heavy duty vehicles may perform better

The leading Techron fuel additives keep the engines and fuel systems clean.


DELEK Lubricants

The leading lubricants of Delek

Delkol has extensive knowledge and experience and provides high quality solutions in the field of lubricants, liquids and greases.